16 Medical Conditions Basically Everyone Has

It seems like everyone nowadays has some sort of health problem or medical condition they're dealing with... and that's because it's absolutely true. What's more, you probably have a medical problem so common that people across the world from you are dealing with the same exact thing! Yes, believe it or not, there are some conditions and diseases that everyone has.

That's not to say it's time to sound the alarms. There's no major epidemic on our hands or anything (unless you count the rising frequency of allergies). To the contrary, most of the conditions and diseases we all have range from slightly annoying to entirely harmless. In fact, you probably don't even know you have some of these problems. The best news is that you're not alone. When it comes to the medical stuff, we all have more in common that you might have previously thought.

To get educated (and and a little grossed out), check out this list of medical conditions everyone has. Chances are you have them right now, or you'll get them at some point in your life. Can't wait!
Photo: faungg's photos / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

  • Allergies

    This is a pretty basic one. Airborne allergies are one of the most common ailments in the world (they affect around 40% of the population), and there are multitudes of sinister compounds out there waiting to make you sneeze, itch, or barf. Oh, and good news: It's only getting worse!
  • Oral Herpes

    Everyone just calm down. This condition is more commonly known as "cold sores," so it's not a huge deal, unlike it's downstairs cousin. Some sources say that as much as 80% of the population worldwide has this disease! Even though it sounds like a terrifying STD, the condition can be spread through common contact like kissing or sharing a drink. 
  • Lactose Intolerance

    Even if you don't get viciously ill from a glass of milk, chances are you do have a minor case of lactose sensitivity. Our bodies are only built to process lactose when we're young, but not in extreme amounts once we're older. In some communities, up to 90% of the population have diagnosed cases of this condition. And yet, we just can't quit cheese.
  • Demodex Mites

    Ready to be itchy? These tiny mites live in or around hair follicles, and are probably on you right now. Some studies show that by the time a person reaches 18, there's a 100% chance they've had these mites. But don't worry, they're mostly harmless and invisible to the naked eye. 
  • Shingles

    Let's be clear on this one: If you are one of those lucky youngsters who got the chickenpox vaccine, then you don't have this uncomfortable rash-causing virus. But if you've had chickenpox at any point in your life, then you already have the virus that can cause shingles in your body. Still, there's only a one-in-five chance it turns into full-blown shingles, so cross your fingers!
  • Anemia

    While it isn't always chronic, most people experience this low-iron condition at one point or another. If you feel faint, shaky, tired, and don't know why, you are hardly alone. It doesn't help that there are over 400 types of anemia that have been medically identified so far. Or that the condition can actually become deadly. In fact, it killed almost 5,000 people in the U.S. in 2013.