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The Best Medical Dramas On Hulu

Updated 23 Apr 2020 90 votes 34 voters29 items

List RulesVote up the best scripted series that focus on the drama of hospitals, doctors, and EMTs currently streaming on Hulu.

Lives hang in the balance during episodes of the best medical dramas on Hulu. Some medical TV dramas streaming on Hulu follow hospital staff while other Hulu medical shows are about doctors who help detectives investigate crimes. Some of the best doctor shows on Hulu right now feature Emmy Award winning casts.

Which series will you find on this list of top medical dramas streaming on Hulu? Grey's Anatomy has to be near the top. This medical drama – the longest-running American primetime medical drama series of all time – follows the doctors and nurses of the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital through all the ups-and-downs in their personal and professional lives. ER is another great medical drama on Hulu with a talented ensemble cast.

If you are looking for a medical drama show on Hulu with a sci-fi twist, try watching The Strain or 12 Monkeys.

Vote up your favorite medical dramas to help other Hulu subscribers know what to watch and vote down any doctor shows that you think shouldn't be resuscitated.

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