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What Medieval Armament You Should Wield, Based On Your Zodiac

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While modern-day weaponry is shocking in its efficacy, medieval armaments were a whole different kind of animal. Requiring more craftsmanship and skill both to create and to use, medieval weapons were adapted to the necessities of the times. While many were bulky and difficult to maneuver, resulting in clumsy fights, they were also capable of doing a fair amount of damage. 

In addition, many weapons functioned not just as necessary instruments, but also as a symbol of status and power. From knights to peasants, most medieval subjects had some form of armament. Those with more money boasted ornate weapons that were as beautiful as they were vicious, while the poorer among the population picked up their agricultural tools and repurposed them for conflict. From elaborate siege weapons to simple clubs, the front lines of a medieval conflict were filled with a range of deadly weapons. Regardless of your zodiac sign, there would have been a medieval armament fit for you.

  • Photo: Codex Wallerstein / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Leo is known as king of the zodiac. The powerful Lion is their symbol, speaking to Leo's self-confident and dominant nature. As the most popular sign in the zodiac, it only makes sense that Leo would be the most popular medieval armament: the sword.

    The sword was considered the most crucial tool of the Middle Ages. It could deliver devastating blows with very little effort. In addition, it also gave anyone the opportunity to be a successful fighter. Sword fighting was more about skill than strength or brute force. Fighters could develop tactics that would grant them success on the battlefield, no matter their size.

    Most importantly, the sword doubled as a fashion accessory. When purchasing something that expensive, the ability to wear it on and off the battlefield was particularly appealing. A weapon that's well-liked, fashionable, and an indicator of status? That sounds like the perfect armament for a Leo.

  • Photo: Hans Talhoffer / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Virgo is a practical and hardworking sign. Although they're nervous and often overly critical, most of their concerns focus around bringing a sense of functional organization to their everyday life. There's nothing more fitting for a Virgo than the medieval dagger.

    The dagger is best described as a small sword or a big knife. Measuring at around 11 to 20 inches, the dagger was complementary, often used as a backup to other, larger armaments. Their small size made them easy to hide, allowing a knight to pull them out suddenly and take their opponent by surprise. However, daggers were also used to complete everyday tasks, making them an essential piece of equipment for times of conflict and peace.

    Virgos are always looking for a way to simplify their world. A wartime weapon that doubles as a commonplace tool definitely speaks to their sense of practicality. Why buy two items when you could buy one that fulfills two tasks?

  • Libra is a cooperative and diplomatic sign. Their main concern is partnership and collaboration, as they feel most comfortable when they're able to work with other people towards a shared goal. Although they're generally a peaceful sign, if they had to choose, they would certainly be drawn to the pike

    The pike was a long polearm consisting of a heavy wooden shaft with a small, steel point at the top. It was often very long (nearly 20 feet) and reinforced with metal along the pole in order to protect it from sword or axe cuts. Although pikes were easy to make, they were difficult to use. They had to be carried by both hands and were difficult to maneuver. In order to make the pike as effective as possible, soldiers carrying pikes would fight in a close team, protected by one partner who held a shield and blocked their companion from the enemy. 

    While Libras would never be drawn to fight, they'd certainly appreciate the partnered element of fighting with a pike. After all, if they simply have to participate, they might as well do it with a buddy. 

  • Photo: Master of the Holy Kinship / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Longbow  

    Although undoubtedly brave and assertive, Scorpios are also tactful people. They're much more inclined to sit back and evaluate a situation, rather than rushing into the fray and taking impulsive action. They're resourceful and know how to stay cool under pressure, making them perfectly suited to wield the medieval longbow

    Archers stayed behind the spearmen, protected from the front lines. They removed themselves from the intensity of the vanguard and embraced a little more safety. However, their weapons required accuracy and skill. In order to be even remotely effective, the archers had to block out the chaos and focus on each individual target. In addition, they had to determine where to aim their arrows in order to do the most damage, which was a difficult decision when fighting opponents protected by armor. 

    Although archers alone couldn't win or lose a conflict, they were an important part of boosting morale. In order to do their job effectively, they had to remain calm, cool, and collected, no matter what was happening around them. If any zodiac sign could maintain their aloof exterior with a chaos raging around them, it's Scorpio.