14 Medieval Riddles That Completely Puzzled Us

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Vote up the trickiest medieval riddles (and solutions) that made you say, "I should have known that!"

The Middle Ages were anything but dark. In fact, medieval people really liked to have a good time - this included feasting, telling stories, playing games, and tossing around puzzling riddles to keep each other entertained. They could also be fairly instructive. 

Luckily, documents like the Exeter Book record some of the incredibly clever and witty riddles commonly told during the Middle Ages. Medieval riddles prove to be difficult and rife with double entendre - and, we have to admit, we needed the solutions more often than not. 

Of course, once we saw the answers, we couldn't believe we didn't figure the riddles out for ourselves! What say you?

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    'I Have Heard Of Something Or Other Growing...'

    Solution below:













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    'A Young Lad Came Up To Where He Knew She Stood...'

    Solution below:












    Butter churn

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    'Often, I Burn Up Kinsmen Still-Living Innumerable And Close To The Earth...' 

    Solution below:












    The sun

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    'Something Amazing Hangs By A Man's Thigh...'

    Solution below:












    A key

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    'I'm A Hard And Pointed Thing...'

    Solution below:












    A poker

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    'I Am A Wonderful Thing, A Pleasure To Women...'

    Solution below:












    An onion