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Meera, Jojen, and Howland Reed Fan Theories

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There are SPOILERS ahead in Bran’s green dreams! 
Put on your tinfoil crown, dole out the Jojen paste, and take in these Howland Reed Game of Thrones fan theories as well as odd and random Jojen Reed theories. And we won’t forget to throw in a couple of Meera Reed theories for good measure. Because this is how GoT's fans roll. We drink and guess at things. 
We haven’t seen too much of the Reeds on the series and there’s not a ton about them in the books. So that means there’s plenty to speculate about. Do all of the Reeds possess the ability to have green dreams? Does their castle really move around The Neck? Are they skinchangers? Is Meera Jon Snow’s twin? Will Bran eat Jojen leftovers preserved in tinfoil even though he’s been roasted by Leaf?  
When asked about The Winds of Winter, George R.R. Martin threw wildfire on the weirwood of one of the Jojen Reed theories when he teased that he’ll write a major twist around a character that’s dead on the show but not in the books. He could have been talking about Jojen or any of the other 14 some-odd characters in the same predicament, so who knows.  
Let’s talk about Howland Reed and Ned Stark for a minute. We saw Reed back up his homey at the Tower of Joy by killing one of the best fighters in the realm, Arthur Dayne, albeit dishonorably. Howland Reed has always been loyal to Ned and is probably one of the only people (besides wet nurse Wylla) who knows who Lyanna gave birth to. Does Howland know who Jon Snow’s mom is and will he be the one to tell him?  
Is Howland warging into various people and animals to keep an eye on the Starks or, in keeping with one of the most widespread Howland Reed theories, is he posing as the High Sparrow to take down the Lannisters in a crannogman stealthy inside job? Yeah, we don’t know either, but it's fun to guess.  
Let’s look at a few of the prominent Reed theories and see what the Three-Eyed Crow thinks of them. Now it begins.
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