Total Nerd Britain Has Their Own Real Life Iron Man, And Yes, He Can Fly  

Mick Jacobs

Superheroes, who typically appear in comic books or on the big screen, are now making some headway in the real world. In fact, one British man is getting billed as an IRL-Iron Man, and the footage below proves it.

38-year-old Richard Browning created his own jet-powered suit that allows him to fly through the air at a speed faster than Usain Bolt can even run. To get airborne, Browning's suit uses six different turbine engines.

This gives the suit a range of 800 horsepower, enough to carry Browning through the air at 30 miles-per-hour. With this top speed, Browning bested an air speed record he himself previously set.

Now that a possible Iron Man exists, could a potential Captain America, Black Widow, or even a Hulk possibly emerge in the near future? Maybe at a later release date. For now, check out this video of the real-life Iron Man getting the hang of his new suit.