14 Small Details You Might Not Know About Meghan And Harry’s Royal Wedding

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In May 2018, British royal Prince Harry married American-born actress Meghan Markle. They have been a hot-button couple ever since, as they began to grow their family and made the bold decision to leave the royal life behind.

We took a look back at their lavish wedding - which was broadcast internationally and viewed by 29 million people - and were surprised to learn of several interesting details we didn't know before.

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    Harry Defied Tradition In Choosing Prince William As His Best Man

    Usually royal weddings don't have a best man, but William was the first to change this at his wedding in 2011 when he elected Harry. Harry then followed in William's footsteps and reciprocated for this wedding in 2018.

    Source: The Duke and Duchess of CambridgeThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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    Meghan's Engagement Ring Pays Homage To Her First International Trip With Harry, And Gives A Nod To Diana

    Prince Harry designed the ring himself. It features one diamond from Botswana, where Harry and Megan went on their first trip together, and then two smaller gems that belonged to Princess Di.

    Source: Town & Country

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    The Royal Bouquet Had Diana's Favorite Flower In It

    The bouquet not only had Diana's favorite Forget-Me-Nots in it, but also a few handpicked flowers from the private garden at Meghan and Harry's Kensington Palace cottage.

    Source: People

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    Meghan's Veil Had Embroidery And Stitching Calling Back To Her First Date With Harry, As Well As All The Commonwealth Countries

    In addition to flowers for the 53 Commonwealth countries, it also had the California Poppy embroidered on it to represent Meghan's US roots.

    Source: The Royal Household