TMI Facts About Megyn Kelly's Sex Life  

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Megyn Kelly is a force to be reckoned with in the newsroom. The former lawyer quickly shot to stardom as one of the most sought after newswomen and journalists in the business. Kelly hosts her own program called The Kelly File on the ever-controversial Fox News network. And like her news channel, Kelly herself is also constantly shrouded in some sort of political debate or controversy. Whether she's battling (then making up with) Donald Trump or talking about her all-natural body in interviews, it's not surprising that she's made quite a name for herself.

Beyond being a symbol of small screen success, there's no doubt that Kelly is also another kind of "symbol" -- a sex symbol. Everyone knows the women of Fox News are hot. That's just a fact. And it's a definite selling point for the news channel. Megyn Kelly is no exception to the rule. Conservative news pundits and viewers alike have hardly been able to contain themselves when Kelly comes on the air. And part of what makes Kelly so successful is her tendency to flaunt her sexuality and use the fascination of her viewers to her advantage. 

Lucky for Kelly, she's no prude. The anchorwoman has shared all sorts of secrets surrounding her sex and dating life. If a guy like Howard Stern is going to bring up her breasts, Kelly is going to join right in the discussion. The newswoman's ability to maintain composure when talking about her sex life is part of why people love her.

Kelly's talent for navigating the NSFW conversations that come up surrounding her married life and sexual history has only made her a stronger force in the news and media business. She won't let the patriarchy bring her down. Instead, she uses it to her advantage. Here are the TMI facts about Megyn Kelly's sex life she doesn't mind if you see. 
She Has Nicknames for Her Boobs

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Megyn Kelly always gets the last laugh when some guy tries to bring up her boobs. Howard Stern quickly got to talking about the Fox host's breasts in a particularly graphic sit down. Stern took one look at Kelly's chest and blurted out that they "look like Cs." Megyn did Stern one better and shared her secret nicknames for her girls. "We used to call them ‘Killer Bs,’ then when I got pregnant they became ‘Swimmin’ Cs,’ and Doug [her husband] was frolicking in the ocean.”
She Had Sex All Throughout Her Pregnancy

Some men might cringe at the thought of having sex with a woman in her third trimester, but apparently Kelly's husband was totally game. When Howard Stern asked if Kelly had sex during her pregnancy, the Fox News host responded that "there were no issues." "Even in the third trimester. But that's all I'm going to say," she added. And she certainly said more than enough.
She's Never Been with a Woman

As soon as Kelly walked into his studio, Howard Stern bombarded her with questions about her sexual past. He asked Kelly if she had ever been with a woman and whether she'd be interested in his lovely wife. "I can honestly say I haven't. Maybe [Howard's wife] will be the first. I'm into guys," Kelly calmly responded. But at least the Fox News host didn't rule anything out. You hear that, Beth Stern?
Her Husband Is Packing

Kelly may be a conservative personality, but she's no prude when it comes to a good penis joke. Right at this very moment, Kelly could be writing "PEN15" on Bill O'Reilly's arm at the Fox studio. All jokes aside, Howard Stern tried to catch Kelly off guard with some penis talk when she popped in for her interview. "When you make love — if your, if your husband had been small, physically; I’m talking about his penis. Would you not have married — was that, like, important to you? Like would you have said: ‘Look, I don’t think I could live with a penis this small.'"

Kelly didn't let Stern ruffle her feathers. Instead, she fired back. "There's no issue there," she said. "I’ve never had to choose. Let’s put it that way." And now you know way too much about Doug Brunt's downstairs.