The Best Mel Gibson Movies

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Over 2,700 movie fans have voted to shape these rankings of Mel Gibson's films. Whether it be his iconic roles in the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon series, or more recent hits like Hacksaw Ridge and Daddy's Home 2, there is no doubt that Mel Gibson has had a long-standing career as an actor and director. From intense dramas such as Braveheart, which earned him Academy Award recognition, to heart-warming comedies like What Women Want, it’s hard not to admire Gibson’s versatility across genres.

Other fan favorites are The Man Without A Face for its portrayal of a complex relationship between two unlikely allies; Conspiracy Theory for its thrilling take on paranoia; and Signs for its unique blend of horror and drama. Of course we couldn't forget about all the memorable performances from raunchy comedies like Bird On A Wire or Forever Young either.

This list covers some of the best work that Mel Gibson has done throughout his career so far - join our voting community by voting up your favorite movies starring this iconic actor.

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