Commercials Melania Trump Once Starred In An Aflac Commercial, And It's Super Weird  

Mick Jacobs

With very few actual political successes or accomplishments of his own, President Donald Trump hs instead bragged about his wife's endeavors by bringing up her appearance in a 2005 Aflac commercial, the contents of which can be seen below.

Speaking to a group of executives gathered at the White House before the signing of the tax bill, Trump thought said executives, including Aflac's, would like to know about Melania's brief stint as the voice of the company's duck mascot.

Even if you ignore the datedness of the commercial, it makes for awkward viewing at best to moderately offensive at worst. The premise involves a Frankenstein-esque scientist switching Melania's brains with the Aflac duck's as a means of giving the brand more "sex appeal."

Literally nothing about this commercial is sexy - or entertaining or informative for that matter - but it's risen once again because nothing is normal in the age of Trump. Watch the whacked-out commercial below.