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Mel's Hole Is Supposedly A Supernatural Infinite Pit That Revives Animals From The Dead 

Maggie Clendenin
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So many weird things happen in the Pacific Northwest that, comparatively, a mysterious hole in the ground seems pretty innocuous - at first. Next to numerous Bigfoot sightings and miles of giant mushrooms, the phenomenon of Mel's Hole seems pretty straightforward until you realize that it also happens to be a bottomless pit that brings animals back from the dead. Mel's Hole is one of the most mysterious places in the state of Washington. The mystery of Mel's Hole all started with an interview on Coast to Coast AM when a caller identifying himself as Mel Waters claimed that he found a real-life bottomless pit on his property.

As you can imagine, things only got creepier from there - Pet Sematary creepy. Today, this supernatural phenomenon in Washington, like so many others, straddles the line between being famous and elusive. 

Curious? Unnerved? Both? If supernatural entertainment intrigues you, read on for more facts about Mel's Hole, its rise to notoriety, and the bizarre secrets said to hide somewhere in its bottomless depths.

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Mel's Hole Is Believed To Have The Power To Bring Animals Back To Life
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Mel Waters's interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM brought the hole into public consciousness, and one of the stories he told during the call was absolutely chilling. According to Waters, locals used the hole to get rid of anything from old equipment to cattle remains. But, apparently, throwing something down the hole didn't guarantee that it would stay there. During the interview, Waters claimed that when one of his neighbors' dogs passed away, his neighbor brought the dog to the hole to get rid of it.

The neighbor then allegedly told Waters that after he'd done so, he later saw his dog running in the forest, alive and well - and still wearing its collar.

The Hole Is Believed To Be Haunted By A Nameless, Unexplainable Creature

One of the most skin-crawling stories about Mel's Hole details the fate of a sheep that Mel Waters claimed to have lowered into the pit as one of the many experiments he conducted. The sheep, like Waters's dogs and other local animals, was absolutely terrified of the pit and Waters had to tranquilize it in order to get it close enough to the mouth of the hole. Curious after hearing about the strange fate of a bucket of ice that apparently became warm and flammable after being lowered into a similar hole, Waters decided to do the same thing with the sheep. What happened to the sheep, though, was even stranger.

When Waters hoisted the sheep back up out of the hole, it appeared to have been cooked from the inside. Even stranger was that something appeared to be moving inside it, and when it was cut open, Waters saw something that he described as resembling a fetal seal with human eyes staring back at him. He immediately threw the creature back into the hole.

When he told the story to curious neighbors, some said that they too had seen a similar creature around the hole before. Whatever it is, it may be the only thing that can get in and out of Mel's Hole.

There's Another Mel's Hole In Nevada
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Mel Waters's property in Washington is home to the original pit that spawned the legend, but it's not the only one. A hole that displays properties very similar to those attributed to the original Mel's Hole is said to exist in Nevada. According to Waters, he visited the second hole as well, and it was every bit as bizarre and fascinating as the one found on his property.

Birds of an unidentifiable species had been seen circling the Nevada pit, and when Waters attempted to shoot one down for study, he found that the bullets seemed to ricochet right off them. If bulletproof birds are any indication, the Nevada hole is likely hiding just as many supernatural secrets as Mel's Hole is.

Mel Waters Claimed That The Government Bought His Property To Guard The Hole
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The alleged interaction between Mel Waters and the US government, if true, means that Mel's Hole is more important than even Waters himself realized. According to Waters's story, government agents attempted to prevent him from entering his own property, claiming that a plane had crashed there. When he refused to believe their story, they abruptly switched tacks and offered to lease his land from him for $250,000 on one condition: If he accepted, he would have to leave the country.

Waters, being in dire straits at the time, accepted. He then moved to Australia and didn't return for several years. When he did, according to Waters, government agents insisted that they had bought his land. Locals then informed Waters that the area around the pit had been guarded by black vans and helicopters since he left.