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List of the members of the Matsudaira clan, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list includes the names of each famous person in the Matsudaira clan, along with information like where each person was born. If you're doing research on historic members of the Matsudaira clan, then this list is the perfect jumping off point for finding out which notable people are included. The Matsudaira clan has held prominence in the world dating back many years, so it's no wonder that many people have a fascination with its members. While this is not an exact family tree, it does show a list of many popular members of the Matsudaira clan.

A factual list, featuring family members like Matsudaira Hirotada and Matsudaira Kiyoyasu.

The information on this page of prominent Matsudaira clan members can help answer the questions, “Who was in the Matsudaira clan?” and "Who is part of the Matsudaira clan?

Matsudaira Hirotada was the lord of Okazaki Castle in Mikawa province, Japan during the Sengoku Period of the 16th century. He is best known for being the father of Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Died at 23 (1526-1549)

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Matsudaira Kiyoyasu was the 7th lord over the Matsudaira clan during the Sengoku period of Japan. Kiyoyasu was the grandfather of the exceedingly famous unifier of Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Kiyoyasu soon gained control of the whole of the northern region of Mikawa province after the Saigo clan had surrendered after four generations of conflict between the two clans. The Okazaki castle was also built as a monument towards the Matsudaira's power. However, certain hatred began growing within a certain retainer of Kiyoyasu's, a retainer by the name of Abe Masatoyo. During the year of 1535, this certain retainer had somehow sneaked into Kiyoyasu's secret chambers and slew him with his Muramasa ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Died at 24 (1511-1535)

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Matsudaira Tadaaki was a Japanese samurai of the Azuchi-Momoyama Period through early Edo period. He was a retainer and relative of the Tokugawa clan. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Died at 61 (1583-1644)

Birthplace: Mikawa Province, Japan

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Matsudaira Katamori was a samurai who lived in the last days of the Edo period and the early to mid Meiji period. He was the 9th daimyo of the Aizu han and the Military Commissioner of Kyoto during the Bakumatsu period. During the Boshin War, Katamori and the Aizu han fought against the Meiji Government armies, but were severely defeated. Katamori's life was spared, and he later became the Chief of the Tōshōgū Shrine. He, along with his three brothers Sadaaki, Yoshikatsu, and Mochiharu, had highly influential roles during the Meiji Restoration and were called the four Takasu brothers. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Died at 57 (1836-1893)

Birthplace: Edo

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