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Members of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty

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List of the members of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list includes the names of each famous person in the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, along with information like where each person was born. If you're doing research on historic members of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, then this list is the perfect jumping off point for finding out which notable people are included. The Muhammad Ali Dynasty has held prominence in the world dating back many years, so it's no wonder that many people have a fascination with its members. While this is not an exact family tree, it does show a list of many popular members of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty.

Examples include Fuad I of Egypt and Fuad II of Egypt.

The information on this page of prominent Muhammad Ali Dynasty members can help answer the questions, “Who was in the Muhammad Ali Dynasty?” and "Who is part of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty?
  • Princess Farial of Egypt

    Princess Ferial Farouk (also Farial, Feryal; Arabic: الأميرة فريال‎ Ferial means full of victory and glorious); 17 November 1938 – 29 November 2009) was the eldest child of Egypt's penultimate monarch, King Farouk.... more on Wikipedia
    • Age: Dec. at 71 (1938-2009)
    • Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Sultan Hussein Kamel (Arabic: السلطان حسين كامل‎; November 1853 – 9 October 1917) was the Sultan of Egypt from 19 December 1914 to 9 October 1917, during the British protectorate over Egypt. Hussein Kamel was the second son of Khedive Ismail Pasha, who ruled Egypt from 1863 to 1879. Hussein Kamel was declared Sultan of Egypt on 19 December 1914, after the occupying British forces had deposed his nephew, Khedive Abbas Hilmi II, on 5 November 1914. The newly created Sultanate of Egypt was declared a British protectorate. This brought to an end the de jure Ottoman sovereignty over Egypt, which had been largely nominal since Muhammad Ali's seizure of power in 1805. Upon Hussein Kamel's death,... more on Wikipedia
    • Age: Dec. at 64 (1853-1917)
    • Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
  • Sa'id of Egypt

    Mohamed Sa'id Pasha (Arabic: محمد سعيد باشا‎, Turkish: Mehmed Said Paşa, March 17, 1822 – January 17, 1863) was the Wāli of Egypt and Sudan from 1854 until 1863, officially owing fealty to the Ottoman Sultan but in practice exercising virtual independence. He was the fourth son of Muhammad Ali Pasha. Sa'id was a Francophone, educated in Paris. Under Sa'id's rule there were several law, land and tax reforms. Some modernization of Egyptian and Sudanese infrastructure also occurred using western loans. In 1854 the first act of concession of land for the Suez Canal was granted, to a French businessman Ferdinand de Lesseps. The British opposed a Frenchman building the canal and persuaded the... more on Wikipedia
    • Age: Dec. at 41 (1822-1863)
    • Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
  • Abbas II of Egypt

    Abbas II Helmy Bey (also known as ‘Abbās Ḥilmī Pasha, Arabic: عباس حلمي باشا‎) (14 July 1874 – 19 December 1944) was the last Khedive (Ottoman viceroy) of Egypt and Sudan, ruling from 8 January 1892 to 19 December 1914. In 1914, after the Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers in World War I, the nationalist Khedive was removed by the British, then ruling Egypt, in favor of his more pro-British uncle, Hussein Kamel, marking the de jure end of Egypt's four-century era as a province of the Ottoman Empire, which had begun in 1517.... more on Wikipedia
    • Age: Dec. at 70 (1874-1944)
    • Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt