20 Memes About Getting High That Are Funny Even When You Aren't Stoned

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When you get high, sometimes it even feels like you’ve found yourself inside a meme - the world seems surreal, hilarious, and poorly Photoshopped at the same time. Because of this, memes about getting high resonate with stoners in a way other mediums often don't. Cannabis memes capture the stoner experience, from the munchies to the moment of pure terror when you fear your boss might know what you did in your car on your lunch break.

Like a bong rip to the brain, stoner memes are illuminating and self-effacing at the same time. There’s no better way to learn about your stoner self than through these memes. As an added plus, they often use the same cartoons you turn to when you’re blazed.


  • 1. Edible Derangement

    Edible Derangement
    Photo: user uploaded image
  • 2. Thomas The Dank Engine

    Thomas The Dank Engine
    Photo: user uploaded image
  • 3. Simple Science

    Simple Science
    Photo: user uploaded image
  • 4. Laced With Something

    Laced With Something
    Photo: /u/Pirate_Redbeard / Reddit