23 Memes For People Who Value Their Sleep Over Their Jobs

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In a time of deep division between families, friends, and pizza toppings, there remains one thing all people can unite over: sleep. In fact, memes about sleep tend to surpass other meme jokes largely because people can identify with sleep more so than they do with really anything else. It's why alarm clock memes do so well!

As much as people try, getting eight hours of sleep feels more difficult than passing the LSAT. With work, phones, and the general events of the world keeping us all up at night, the least we can do is search for relief in the form of hilarious sleep memes. They give you hope that someone, somewhere, at least remembers what it's like to get a full night's sleep.

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  • 1. Couch Grouch

    Couch Grouch
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    517 votes
  • 2. Time Flies

    Time Flies
    Photo: /u/Holofan4life / Reddit
    497 votes
  • 3. Scrolling The Night Away

    Scrolling The Night Away
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    333 votes
  • 4. Really Early To Rise

    Really Early To Rise
    Photo: /u/Pirate_Redbeard / Reddit
    540 votes
  • 5. Where Is Your Sleep Now?

    Where Is Your Sleep Now?
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    376 votes
  • 6. Sounds Suspicious

    Sounds Suspicious
    Photo: /u/TheMightyCraken / Reddit
    509 votes