20 Memes About Vaping That Will Crack You Up

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Much more than just inhaling candy-flavored clouds, vaping is a lifestyle, at least to those who partake in it. And laughable memes about vaping illustrate each of the different rushes that come from atomizing e-juice - the liquids that provide the vapor. Ganja and memes about smoking pot are more widely understood and distributed than vapor juice and vape memes, but don't discount the newer smoking trend. 

While smoking merely involves weed, fire, and a device to smoke from, vaping utilizes all sorts of technical and electrical aspects that a vape-enthusiast might tell you about if they're not busy inside their own cloud. These vape-related memes can explain why people cape for the vape.

  • 1. Servant Of Cleopodra

    Servant Of Cleopodra
    Photo: 9gag
    122 votes
  • 2. The Modern Smoke Signal

    The Modern Smoke Signal
    Photo: user uploaded image
    110 votes
  • 3. Cowabunga

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    126 votes
  • 4. Not So Sweet

    Not So Sweet
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    94 votes
  • 5. SMU - Smoke Much University

    SMU - Smoke Much University
    Photo: SparkinKicks / Imgur
    97 votes
  • 6. The E-Juice Is On The Loose

    The E-Juice Is On The Loose
    Photo: Mist
    76 votes