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The 23 Absolute Craziest, Most Memorable Episodes Of MTV's True Life

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MTV's True Life has run for over 300 episodes, covering issues from drug addiction to plastic surgery to romance and everywhere in between. The docu-drama was groundbreaking from its debut in 1998; the very first show focused on the heroin epidemic. Since then, viewers have been entertained with plenty of crazy episodes from True Life.

Weird episodes of True Life are as remarkable for their sometimes uncomfortable subjects as they were for their crazy antics. Remember when production was halted when a meth addict brought out a loaded gun? How about the time someone ended up getting up close and personal with a 200-pound pig? And that's not to mention the phobias and fetishes.

There is definitely no shortage of over-the-top moments from MTV's True Life. Take a stroll down memory lane, and wonder just what happened to the most notorious people on True Life after the cameras stopped rolling.

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    I'm Addicted To Crystal Meth

    Photo: MTV

    The 2006 episode "I'm Addicted to Crystal Meth" is jam-packed with crazy. From shooting up to shaking from withdrawal, viewers experienced the full range of addiction through Bryan's story. Things got out of control when Bryan pulled out the loaded gun he kept in his closet and used the laser sight as a toy for his cat. True Life producers stopped filming and refused to continue until Bryan agreed to relinquish his weapon.

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    I'm A Sex Offender

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    MTV tackled the controversial topic of registered sex offenders in this 2012 episode. It followed Terry, who was charged with having sexual relations with his underage girlfriend when he was 18. He had to register as a sex offender, and that meant moving out of his parents' house because it was too close to a school bus stop.

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    I Have A Strange Habit

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    Ever been so stressed you felt like you could pull your hair out? Welcome to Emily's daily reality. The teenager highlighted in the 2012 episode "I Have a Strange Habit" dealt with her stress and anxiety by pulling out her own hair. That resulted in bald patches that made her feel self-conscious.

    This episode also included aspiring nail artist Kayliah, whose strange habit was eating emery boards.

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    I Have A Summer Share

    Video: YouTube

    You can thank "I Have a Summer Share" for Jersey Shore. This 2003 episode follows a group of young people who are sharing a summer home, and none are more memorable than Tommy "Cheeseballs" Perna. Tommy is loud, silly, and has massive biceps, but he's secretly a major softy. MTV viewers loved Tommy so much that the channel created a whole series dedicated to his Jersey brethren.

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