The Most Memorable Falls in Movie History

What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions the ending of Die Hard? Chances are your mind instantly recalls the iconic slow-motion sequence of Hans Gruber falling out of the skyscraper’s glass window. Happy trails, Hans! Gruber isn’t the only villain on this list who meets their death by way of the fall. In fact, some of our movie heroes take falls in films as well. Not every fall featured here ends in death, some are lucky enough to survive the landing, and some are even luckier to get saved in mid-air. Here are the most famous falling scenes in the movies.

This movie falls list is not for anyone who is afraid to plummet or has a fear of heights. The clips featured will take you to the top of the highest skyscrapers and even way down into the rabbit hole. Some of the most iconic film characters are part of the best movie falls: Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, James Bond, Darth Vader.

Watch the clips and make your voice heard. Vote up and let us know what you think are the most memorable movie falling scenes. Did we miss any of your favorite epic falls in movies? Let us know in the comments section below.
Photo: 20th Century Fox
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