The Most Memorable Oscar Moments Of All Time

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The Academy Awards are cinema’s most prestigious prize. Winning an Oscar can change the trajectory of someone's life and career.

As for the ceremony itself? Well, given that it's an award show with an intrinsically rigid structure, it can be a little predictable - the presenter's introduction, the list of nominees, the big announcement, the applause, and finally a speech with a laundry list of prepared shout-outs. But that very predictability is what makes the most memorable Oscar moments stand out so much, whether it's a uniquely idiosyncratic acceptance speech, an embarrassing error, a moment of improvised perfection, or a joke that lands in just the right spot.

From Sally Field to Adele Dazeem, from the legendary Duke to the infamous swan, here are some of the most memorable moments from the long history of the Oscar telecast. Make your voice heard and vote up the moments you'll never forget.