The Most Memorable Food References on Seinfeld

A list of the most infamous edible incidents on Seinfeld, a TV show that loves food. The series about nothing is largely about food, from the Soup Nazi to Kenny Rogers Roasters. Seinfeld's comedy consistently comes from the acquisition, the eating, the desire and, yes, the resentment of different kinds of foods. It's all Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer ever seem to talk about. 

And what's not to like? If you find yourself with a killer risotto that gives you a bodily reaction, it's something worth talking about, right? It's certainly not something worth feeling jealous and inadequate over, George. Lobster is a lovely thing to eat, unless you're kosher, and it certainly shouldn't be used as revenge for a perceived slight, Costanza.

This list has some of the most hilarious bits from Seinfeld revolving around food, whether it's the eternal wait for a table at a Chinese restaurant or the crazed confluence of events that results in a Junior Mint ending up in the body cavity of a surgical patient. It's all happening on Seinfeld - check out what we've got for you on the list and vote up your favorites!