The Most Memorable Video Game Deaths

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Not all video games are violent, but many include the devastating demise of fan-favorite characters. Whether they are a villain, a companion, or even the main character, the loss of life is always affecting. In fact, these types of moments often stick with players long after they've put down their controller or switched off their PC.

Death is the great leveller, and even the most popular video game characters are only (theoretically) mortal, so one day they're going to have to meet their fate. However, not all video game casualties are created equally, so which one is the most memorable?


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    Arthur Morgan - 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

    After spending the entire game with Arthur Morgan, there is nothing the player can do to save him. No matter which of the four endings the player gets, the hardened outlaw's fate is inescapable. Either Micah takes Arthur's life or Arthur eventually succumbs to tuberculosis, ending the adventure once and for all.

    It is easy to grow attached to Arthur, wanting a better life for the misfortunate outlaw. He has seen so much adversity already, so ending his story with his own demise seems both fitting and terrible.

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    Lee Everett - 'The Walking Dead'

    Lee Everett - 'The Walking Dead'
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    Telltale's The Walking Dead is a somber experience to say the least, and the fate of Lee Everett wraps a nice tear-stained bow around the whole game. After so many in-game hours of apocalyptic survival, Lee gets bitten by a walker and slowly wilts away.

    Worse still, he has to say goodbye to young Clementine; depending on the player's choice, she either leaves him to turn or takes up the arm to end his life herself.

  • John Marston is the protagonist of the first Red Dead Redemption, so players naturally spend a lot of time with him. After the main events of the game, John finds himself on the bureau and US Army's hitlist. They strike his ranch, and John realizes the only way to save his family is to sacrifice himself.

    It's difficult to forget watching John walk out of his barn to meet the firing squad. Though his life comes to a grisly end, he can rest easy knowing he kept his family safe.

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    Sarah - 'The Last Of Us'

    The Last of Us sets the tone of the game before the title card even drops. Players take control of a young girl named Sarah who's apparently the daughter of the game's true protagonist. As the outbreak starts and chaos ensues, players navigate through the mayhem and try to keep her safe. 

    There are no happy endings in The Last of Us, though. Sarah is shot while in her father's arms. He can't protect his daughter and neither can the player.

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    Ghost And Roach - 'Modern Warfare 2'

    The twist in Ghost and Roach's storyline completely comes out of left field, leaving many Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2fans to speculate about exactly why it ended the way it did. MW2 is a beloved addition to the Call Of Duty franchise, and fans arguably grew most attached to the characters Ghost and Roach.

    As such, the moment when they are betrayed by Shepherd on their mission to find Vladimir Makarov is quite jaw-dropping.

  • Mordin Solus - 'Mass Effect 3'
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    Mordin Solus, the hilarious fast-talking scientist, makes some questionable choices throughout his life. One of these choices eventually brings about his demise, depending on the choices the player makes in Mass Effect 3. Mordin helped create a variant of the genophage virus - a biological tool used on the Krogan to slow their birth rates.

    If players decide to cure the virus, Mordin accepts this, and he insists curing it is his responsibility. Mordin's life can either end by Commander Shepard's own hand or via an explosion while he disperses the cure at the top of the crumbling Shroud tower. Depending on the player's choices, he may even go out singing his favorite song.