Weird History Here's Why Men Used To Be Afraid Of One Of The Most Popular Women's Accessories  

Rebecca High

This video shows a brief, humorous look at the dual functionality of an accessory that's not so popular today, but was once an everyday item for many women.

Though catcalling and harassment are still big issues today, a hundred years ago, public assault on the streets of America was far wrose. That is, until one of the most popular women's accessories became a huge deterrent for cat callers.

The giant pins were used to hold equally giant or flamboyant hats onto ladies' hair, and these tools became instant weapons in the hands of irate women who were sick of men's antics.

The hatpins were so effective, men made laws to try to restrict their use. But women, you see, still had the pins. Watch this video to see how women used small and ingenious ways to protect themselves from unsolicited and unsavory behavior. Maybe we should all get back to using hatpins.