Famous Reports Of Alleged Men In Black Sightings

Real-life "Men in Black" (not to be confused with the Will Smith franchise) are often described as very tall, blank-faced, or stern, with black suits and hats meant to help them blend in with each other. They are thought to work for the government in an attempt to keep information about aliens away from the public at large. Their appearance usually leads to a complete halt to any research or sharing of information concerning aliens due to their unsettling appearance and the use of intimidation.

Although there are only perhaps two recorded interactions with Men in Black (or MIB for short), there are several infamous stories recounting their alleged appearances to shut down UFO enthusiasts and researchers.


  • Dan Aykroyd Claimed The Men In Black May Have Been Behind The Canceling Of His UFO-Themed TV Show

    Dan Aykroyd is best known for his time on Saturday Night Live and his movie Ghostbusters, but he's also a very vocal believer in aliens and the supernatural. Continuing his long family tradition of spiritualism and belief in ghosts, Aykroyd was tapped by the Syfy Channel (then Sci-Fi) in the early 2000s to host and executive produce a show called Dan Aykroyd's Out There. The show allowed him to speak with witnesses of alien encounters and experts in the field. 

    After creating eight episodes, Aykroyd was filming pieces for the final show of the season when he stepped outside for a smoke break. He allegedly spotted two Men in Black standing next to a black Ford sedan and staring at him with blank faces. He turned his head for a moment, alleging that the MIB disappeared in that split-second of movement. Out There was canceled two hours later.

    None of the episodes were ever shared with the public, and no one knows if Syfy) still has the recordings or not.

  • Dr. Herbert Hopkins Witnessed A Coin Mysteriously Disappear Out Of A Black-Suited Man’s Hand

    Dr. Herbert Hopkins was a hypnotist and doctor working on a UFO sighting case in 1976. One day, Dr. Hopkins said he received a phone call from a gentleman claiming to be from a UFO society in New Jersey who wanted to speak with him about the incident. After agreeing to the visit, Dr. Hopkins walked to turn on his porch light and found the stranger already at his home and making his way up the stairs. There was no car present to signal the stranger's arrival.

    The man was pale and wearing a black suit, had no hair on his head or face, and his lips were exceedingly red. The pair discussed the incident before the Man in Black revealed he knew Dr. Hopkins had two coins in his pocket and asked to see them. The stranger placed one of the coins in the palm of his hand and made it disappear before Dr. Hopkins's eyes, stating that it would never be seen again by anyone on Earth. 

    After some more discussion and a swipe across the face that smeared the red of his lips, the stranger claimed he lacked energy and made his exit. A bright light accompanied the man's disappearance, and a later investigation showed that the New Jersey organization he claimed to belong to was not real. Dr. Hopkins destroyed all of his work on the UFO case and withdrew his assistance.

  • Security Footage Allegedly Shows Black-Suited Men Looking For Shane Sovar

    Security Footage Allegedly Shows Black-Suited Men Looking For Shane Sovar
    Video: YouTube

    Shane Sovar worked as a manager at a hotel near Niagara Falls in 2008. He reported seeing a UFO along with one of the hotel security guards in October of that year. A couple of weeks after this admission, he alleged that two Men in Black arrived when he was not at work. Hotel employees working at the time claimed the two men were indeed looking for Sovar and the unnamed security guard. Those who interacted with the strangers described them as having no eyebrows or hair.

    They apparently never showed up at the hotel again, but security footage of the men can be seen on YouTube. Skeptics point out that the pair could have been anyone entering the hotel.

  • After Forming The International Flying Saucer Bureau, Dr. Albert K. Bender Claimed He Received Telepathic Messages

    After Forming The International Flying Saucer Bureau, Dr. Albert K. Bender Claimed He Received Telepathic Messages
    Photo: Albert K Bender / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    Albert K. Bender served in the Air Force during WWII before settling in Bridgeport, CT, sometime after 1943. Bender was fascinated with the UFO sightings of the late 1940s and founded the International Flying Saucer Bureau in 1952. As the group's president, Bender oversaw more than 600 members and sent out a quarterly newsletter about aliens and UFOs. Soon after its inception, the IFSB's founder began experiencing strange occurrences.

    Bender claimed a being with glowing eyes tailed him during a night out to the movies. On another occasion, Bender was telepathically hypnotized and levitated by an unknown being. Furthermore, he stated his attic room constantly smelled of burning sulfur. Diving further into his UFO obsession, Bender declared March 15, 1953, Contact Day and asked his group members to memorize and telepathically speak the following:

    Calling occupants of interplanetary craft! Calling occupants of interplanetary craft that have been observing our planet EARTH. We of IFSB wish to make contact with you. We are your friends...

    After this, telepathic admonitions supposedly came to Bender, telling him to stop poking his nose into such matters. Eventually, in July 1953, Bender claimed Men in Black visited him at his home for the first of supposedly several times, using yellow, sulfurous smoke to disappear. They pushed him to stop his newsletter, and he disbanded IFSB in October 1953 with a final communication to its members:

    The mystery of the flying saucers is no longer a mystery. The source is already known but any information about this is being withheld by orders from a higher source. We would like to print the full story in Space Review but because of the nature of the information we have been advised in the negative. We advise those engaged in saucer work to be very cautious.

  • Harold Dahl Claimed He Was Warned Not To Talk About The Discs In The Sky After The Maury Island incident

    The Maury Island Incident took place on June 21, 1947, in Tacoma, WA. Harold Dahl and his son claimed they witnessed six UFOs near Puget Sound that day, with one of the objects spitting out a metallic substance that killed their dog. Dahl speaking out about the incident spurred a supposed Man in Black to visit him the very next day. Dahl said the stranger warned him to stop talking about the incident.

    Supposedly, some of the "slag" that struck Dahl's dog was taken by Captain William Davidson and Lieutenant Frank Brown. Interestingly, these two Army Air Corps intelligence officers, who interviewed the Dahls about the incident, both passed on August 1, 1947, when their B-52 bomber crashed in Kelso, WA, with the "slag" on board. Dahl then publicly recanted his story of spotting UFOs with his son, which the FBI found to be in direct relation to the deaths of the two officers.

  • The Men In Black Allegedly Wanted To Know Exactly Where The Solway Firth Spaceman Photo Was Taken

    The Templeton family decided to visit Solway Firth in England one day in 1964. At some point, Jim Templeton decided to take a photograph of his daughter Elizabeth in her new dress. After returning home and getting the film developed, Jim was surprised to see a strange figure in the photo behind his young daughter. The family claimed only the three of them plus an elderly pair who sat in a car had been at Solway Firth that day. This information and the white outfit worn by the strange figure, who also appeared to have a head covering of some sort, led to claims of a spaceman.

    Kodak publicly stated the film was not doctored in any way, while skeptics believed perhaps Mrs. Templeton, clad in a blue-and-white dress, had entered into the frame. Jim eventually claimed a pair of Men in Black, who called each other only Number 9 and Number 11, visited him and insisted he take them to the exact spot of the photograph. The mania of the spaceman continued after this, however, with technicians in Australia scrapping a launch due to supposedly seeing the spaceman close to their missile.