This Artist Breaks The Traditional Masculinized Image Of Famous People By Dressing Them In Pink

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Scott Scheidly is not your average artist. His paintings show a totally wacky side of typically masculine public figures. In fact, the Ohio-born painter does not take himself too seriously, and he loves to flounder around, even with his art. On his Flounder Art website, Scheidly mentions that he's been fun-loving and creative since childhood. At four-years-old, he ate a 10-pack of crayons and allegedly turned his diaper "into a Jackson Pollack." At six, he started eating paste and making hand-traced turkeys. The hand turkeys stopped when he lost a thumb, but Scheidly found other ways to create.

Now the artist lives in Florida and his paintings render all your fave A-listers in pink hues. Scheidly's Biggie Smalls is completely decked out in millennial pink and so is his painted version of Donald Trump. You'll love his creative depictions and be motivated to buy your own new pink wardrobe.