21 Confessions From Men About Lessons They Only Learned From Living With Women

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Some people move out of their parents house and jump right into adulting. Others, not so much... Here are some of the best confessions from men that had no idea they were doing everything wrong until they moved in with their significant other. Vote up the best and most obvious life lessons below. 

  • 1. Always Help Without Asking

    From Redditor u/Dinosaurs-Rule:

    ALWAYS HELP WITHOUT ASKING. It’ll save your entire relationship/sex life/cuddle life etc. If you say “Do you need help?”(chores etc) she’ll say “No I got it” and it’s logged as the first cut of a thousand. Don’t ask because you think it’s polite, just do it. There, saved you a divorce.


  • 2. The Miracles Of Coconut Oil

    From Redditor u/Ghost-Writer:

    Pretty much how to take care of my hair and skin better.

    For example I put coconut oil in my hair before I go swimming. I learned this from a girlfriend I had in Hawaii.

    Apparently it helps seal moisture in as well as protect your hair from damage. Whatever it does, my hair gets softer, smoother and bigger after it dries. I swear it never looked so fabulous in my life.

  • 3. Dry Scalp Vs. Dandruff

    From Redditor u/iwouldificouldb*tch:

    I learned that there is a difference between having a dry scalp and having dandruff.

    Dandruff is actually a condition that many people mix up with just having a dry scalp. I used dandruff shampoo for years and it can actually dry out the scalp more so it always seemed like I needed it. My wife suggested I stop using dandruff shampoo because I probably don't have actual dandruff and now my scalp isn't dry anymore.

  • 4. Folding Underwear

    From Redditor u/-Kaizo:

    Apparently you can fold underwear;
    on a serious note she taught me how to fold my tshirts in a way I can see whats on them and I now stack them "vertically" so I see them all like a folder in my drawers.

    also my skincare routine has improved, because most of the stuff I was using was terrible.

    plants need to be rotated so they grow straight instead of just one direction

  • 5. When To Give Space

    From Redditor u/Pupper_Wolf:

    Giving her space while giving her affection. Apparently, when she says all she wants to do is sit down and watch her novelas in peace. She actually means she wants me to sit down with her. But not for too long. Just long enough.

  • 6. Feelings

    From Redditor u/estevat0:

    I'll try to make this as short as possible. I never learned how to pay attention to, comprehend and express my feelings. Especially the emotional-gooey-feely ones, but also when things would bother me, so I wouldn't work on things when they'd bother me, I'd just...leave. As in, the relationship. So through many years of ruining things, much heartache, and painful growth, she had the love and patience to not only see that there was potential in me, but also to not give up on me. I had the emotional tenderness of a brick basically. It took hitting rock bottom to understand that if I didn't learn to do those things, Id lose the best thing that ever happened to me. If it wasn't for her, I'd be in a drunk in a ditch somewhere, probably alone. Now I'm only sometimes drunk, completely happy and in love in a functional relationship. She's basically a Saint for putting up with me having been emotionally disabled. And the gift thing: well, there is joy in giving to others and seeing how much happiness she would get from seeing people's reaction to gifts made me stop wanting to keep her from doing so, stop being selfish and lean to take joy also in making my friends and loved ones happy about a thoughtful gift. I was an emotionally dysfunctional man, after living with her, I'm less like an actual porcupine and more like a plush toy porcupine.