15 Men Reveal Red Flags To Look Out For When Visiting Your Partner's Place For The First Time

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Men: vote up the red flags that would have you heading home early.

There are a lot of red flags to consider when dating, but some of the most important ones have to do with where your partner lives. These men are sharing apartment red flags so you know what to look out for when visiting your partner's place for the first time. Read on and vote up the biggest red flags!

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    Their Place Has A Rotten Smell

    From Redditor u/appleappleappleman:

    A horrible smell.

    I'm not gonna judge a messy apartment. I have no problems with dishes in the sink, food left out on the coffee table, clothes on the floor, etc. But the basic ability to keep your living space clean is essential for a functioning human being. And if I can smell something rotten, putrid, or rank, that's probably a sign of some gross lifestyle choices.

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    Their Pets Are In Bad Shape

    From Redditor u/stoicprime:

    Are her pets in good healthy shape or if it seem like they never come out of the crate?

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    There Are Signs Of Another Partner In Their Place

    From Redditor u/idiosyncrassy:

    Signs of a partner that is not you - beauty/bath products, pictures on the fridge, decorations that seem to reflect someone other than the partner (Usually goes hand-in-hand with "your" partner being unavailable for odd stretches of time). Um, yeah. Run.

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    They Have Stacks Of Unopened Bills

    From Redditor u/VodkaSamurai:

    Unopened piles of bills that all have "past due" written on them are a big red flag.

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    They Say Their Place Is "Messy" But You Can't Even Get In The Door

    From Redditor u/Divergence75:

    Probably being told it's messy but actually walking into a hoard to the point you struggle for twenty minutes just to fit through the front door. I have had this happen so I am warry of "messy" people now haha.

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    Their Pillow Smells Like Cologne

    From Redditor u/bloodorgyyayyyy:

    Cologne; she had it so she could spray a pillow and snuggle it when she was lonely. She told me this immediately prior to leaving for a weekend trip (which she invited ME on). The trip was tense as f*ck and felt super forced.

    That was the flag that alerted me to the fact that I was a placeholder/rebound.

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