15 Men Reveal The Christmas Gifts They Actually Want From Their Partner

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Men: vote up the gifts you'd love to see under the tree this year.

Christmas presents can be a nightmare for couples, so luckily, these Redditors have revealed what men want for Christmas. If you're wondering what to get for the lady in your life, or want to get better at gift giving in general, you can check out those lists as well! Read on and vote up the best gifts for men.

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    A "Love Book"

    From Redditor u/sookisucks:

    Oh! I hope this gets seen by some women. Especially if you love your partner but aren't always the epitome of a super happy relationship.

    My parents have been together for 31 years now. My mom is a VERY difficult woman, to say the least. She's struggled most of her life with such severe anxiety and depression that it is exhausting for the body and soul to be around her often. I love her deeply and I know she's done the very best she can.

    She has always been the hardest on my dad and I (little brother gets a pass for being the youngest sometimes).

    Last year she found a "Love book" online. It allows you to create your own little book with cute pictures and whatnot. You can write whatever you'd like on the pages and put a cute cartoon character picture on each page.

    It ends up looking like a kid's book. She thought it was so dumb but I encouraged her to get it for him.

    My dad is a large man. 6'6 250 with a manly beard. As soon as he started reading what she had written he broke down into the most unrestrained crying I'd ever seen. He was completely taken back by it.

    It was the best gift he's ever received. Most of us don't need "stuff". We just need to know what we do is appreciated.

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    Some Alone Time

    From a former Redditor:

    For her to treat herself to a weekend away with her friends. So I can slob about the house in my shorts and flip flops and eat pizza for breakfast, play the ps4 and watch It's Always Sunny. I love being in a relationship but I LOVE some alone time just to chill out and switch off and not worry about having to interact with someone.

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    Something Handmade

    From Redditor u/Working_Mans_Reddit:

    Something hand made if you are an artist. My last girl friend was a pretty good gift giver, just never seemed to get it right until my last birthday. She would always try and out do herself trying to get my expensive things.

    My favorite gift she ever got me was a drawing of my name, with a lot of my hobbies in the picture. I know that thing took her hours to draw, and the entire time she was thinking about me. Thats what made me feel special.

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    A Weekend Getaway

    From Redditor u/Swanzenegger:

    Weekend holiday with her.

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    Card. Massage. Appreciation

    From Redditor u/Icandothemove:

    The best present I ever got was from my ex wife. At the time I worked a super physical job. For her dad. And we were struggling to make ends meet so I worked a lot of overtime, and I was trying to make a name so I took a lot of on call from other guys.

    This meant I was gone almost all the time. And when I was home, I was wrecked. We fought about it a lot.

    So this one Christmas Eve I came home from work at 7 or 8 and took a quick shower. We did presents on Christmas Eve so we could spend Christmas day with our families. She had the day off, so I get out of the shower and realize the apartment is spotless. She's just finishing dinner, and I'm already super happy (we both worked, so I figured the cleaning and the dinner was the present, which I was stoked about). Then I give her her big present (which I was pretty proud of) and she just hands me a card. And walks out of the room.

    I start reading it and immediately I'm just trying not to cry. It was this beautiful note saying she knew how hard I was working to provide for us, that she was sorry she was selfish sometimes but she did recognize it and how much it meant to her. How much I meant to her, and how lucky she felt to be with me. At some point she had come back in and started massaging my shoulders while I read. She was not at all a touchy feely or emotionally expressive kind of girl so this was out of her comfort zone.

    Card. Massage. Appreciation.

    By far the best Christmas present I've ever received. It's not even a competition.

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    A Terrarium

    From a former Redditor:

    A terrarium with rocks and succulents.