More Men Than Ever Are Starting To Wear Makeup

The next wave of beauty industry inclusivity? Makeup for men. The history of men wearing makeup dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and extends through the ‘80s glam rock era with Prince and David Bowie. More recently, Johnny Depp and his propensity toward eyeliner are modern examples of guy glam. But a greater number of men are wearing makeup than ever before with male beauty bloggers on the rise, CoverGirl recently hiring their first man as a brand representative, and beauty products made specifically for men flying off the shelves.

The men's haircare and skincare industry has grown exponentially within the last few years, so it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to see the makeup trend continue among men. With modern beauty standards affecting guys, your boyfriend might just become your newest Sephora shopping buddy. 

  • Men's Grooming Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

    In 2013, the men's grooming industry, which includes haircare, shaving products, skincare, beard oils and the like, experienced a huge boom. It's blossomed into a multi-billion dollar business, with a massive amount of that growth coming from online sales. A beauty buyer for, Elodie Bohuon, explains, "It's been growing significantly. Men are starting to get more and more knowledgeable about beauty and are paying attention to their looks: haircare is the biggest category, with shaving coming second."

    All of that growth isn't specifically from men, though. "Women still play a very important role in that market. A very big percentage of women are still buying men's grooming lines as gifts, or on behalf of partners." 

  • Male Makeup Artists And Beauty Influencers Are On The Rise

    One surefire sign that men's beauty is going to be the next big industry? The rise of the male makeup artist.

    Of course, there have been men working behind the scenes in the makeup world forever—think Mario Dedianovic and Kevyn Aucoin—but these days, they're actually wearing it. The mega-followings of male makeup stars like Manny MUA (4.2 million subscribers), PatrickStarrr (3.3 million subscribers), and Jeffree Star (6 million subscribers) on YouTube prove that there's a substantial audience for men's makeup tutorials.

  • CoverGirl Appointed Their First CoverBoy


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    In 2016, makeup enthusiast James Charles became CoverGirl's first ever male representative, AKA, a CoverBoy. Fellow CoverGirl spokesperson Katy Perry helped break the story in October. After appointing Charles as a representative, the cosmetics giant was applauded for their diversity and forward-thinking inclusiveness. Other makeup brands soon followed suit. Manny Gutierrez, who you might know as Manny MUA, was soon named a Maybelline brand ambassador, and the trend shows no signs of stopping.

  • "Guyliner" Has Been Around For Years

    Men wearing makeup isn't exactly a new trend—punk rockers and glam rockers in the '60s, '70s, and '80s had no qualms about donning a smokey eye. David Bowie, Prince, Billy Idol, and Robert Smith were some of the OG male makeup lovers, but in more recent history, musicians like Billie Joe Armstrong, Jared Leto, and Pete Wentz have helped popularize what has been termed "guyliner," which is just simply when men wear eyeliner. At times, these trailblazers caught flack for not appearing "masculine" enough, but they paved the way for the full-faced makeup looks men are rocking today.