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17 Odd Details Behind The Horrific Menendez Brothers Homicides

You thought you hated your parents. The crimes committed by Lyle and Erik Menendez took teenage angst to terrifying levels when they shot and killed their mom and dad in one of the most brutal, high-profile crimes in American history. The Menendez brothers' homicides at a posh Beverly Hills mansion rattled the nation and thrust the uncomfortable topic of sexual abuse into the national spotlight. Now serving life in prison, the brothers will never see the free world again.

  • Kitty Menendez Died In Agony After Being Shot 10 Times

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    The Menendez brothers attacked their parents while their mother rested her head on their father's lap. Lyle Menendez fired the first shots at Jose Menendez, with one hitting the back of his head. The brothers continued to fire away, sending blood and body parts flying everywhere inside the den. Jose Menendez died almost instantly from the shot to the back of the head, but Kitty Menendez suffered many shots to the legs, arms, chest, and face.

    In a particularly gruesome detail, the brothers actually had to leave the den where the shooting took place and retrieve more bullets from their car to reload. They then mercilessly delivered the final shot to the face as their mother looked at them.

    The blast obliterated her face, leaving the former beauty queen unrecognizable.

  • Lyle Menendez Nearly Decapitated His Father With A Gunshot To The Head

    Lyle Menendez fired his shotgun into the back of his father's head, killing him instantly. Jose Menendez never saw his killers and was never aware that his sons were shooting him execution-style.

    The force of the shot nearly decapitated him.

  • The Menendez Brothers Claimed Their Dad Assaulted Them

    Two juries (one for Erik and one for Lyle) both deadlocked during the first trial, largely because of the defense's controversial allegation that Jose Menendez sexually molested both boys from an early age.

    The molestation allegations were heinous. According to the brothers, the elder Menendez forced his sons to perform oral sex on him, among other horrific acts. 

  • Lyle Menendez Admitted To Molesting His Younger Brother, Erik Menendez

    The sordid Menendez house of horrors turned even more sinister when Lyle Menendez testified on the witness stand that he had molested his younger brother, Erik, repeating some of the terrible acts that his father perpetrated on him. Lyle said he took Erik into the woods and used a toothbrush to molest him.

    Both Menendez brothers were in tears, along with most people in the courtroom, at the shocking revelation.