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Useful Hacks for Dealing with Other People

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We've all seen life hacks online that give great little tricks for everything from saving money to improving health, but what about tips for how to deal with people? As it turns out, psychology has a great deal to offer in the way of mental hacks and subtle tips that you can use in everyday situations to improve your people skills. Here we’ve gathered a collection of simple things that you can do to make a better first impression, develop deeper friendships, and even learn to deal with difficult people.

These fun tips and tricks on how to communicate well largely concern the art of silently getting your point across. As you’ll see below, learning to read body language helps you pick up on subtle clues that most people never even realize they’re giving out. Here you’ll learn skills that will help you know when someone is ready to end a conversation, detect whether someone is checking you out, and understand which members of a group feel closest to one another, all without ever saying a word.

So get your psychological hack on with this fun list of tips and tricks that will not only allow you to read people, but teach you how to make a great first impression as well!
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    Make Someone Expand on an Answer Through Silence

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    Being the Bigger Person Is Actually the Best Revenge

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    Honesty Is Actually the Best Policy

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    Gossiping to Others Actually Makes Them Trust You Less

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