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How Different Characters In Naruto Might Actually Represent Mental Health Issues

Updated 22 Jan 2019 12.6k views13 items

In a world where most of the characters become soldiers at a young age and deal with constant warfare, it's no surprise that some of them are dealing with mental health issues - especially since this world fails to provide its soldiers with any mental health care, even when they've experienced something as severe as having their entire family slaughtered by their older brother. Though no one in Naruto has been diagnosed with anything, many of the characters are in desperate need of some support. 

Reddit user u/Sarahmint had a fascinating fan theory that describes how different characters from Naruto represent different mental health issues. This list showcases some of their ideas and brings in ideas about mental illness in Naruto from fans all over the Internet. These theories aren't necessarily the cold hard facts about the cast of Naruto - rather, they're a lens through which to interpret the characters, and perhaps come to a fuller and richer understanding about who they are and how they interact with their story.

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