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15 Mentally Unstable Anime Characters Who Are Crazy But Fans Love Anyways

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Are you tired of watching anime where characters make rational choices based on healthy mental functioning? If so, you might want to check out some shows that feature mentally unstable anime characters. 

What makes insane anime characters so great is that they throw predictability right out the window. Characters with antisocial personality disorders, a condition that pops up frequently amongst anime villains, don't respond to situations the way you expect them to – building suspense and keeping you guessing about what's going to happen next and what's motivating them. Other characters with more common psychological symptoms like anxiety can be intensely relatable. 

Note: "Crazy" anime characters aren't always portrayed in the most sensitive or realistic of ways. While these characters are engaging, they're often based on harmful stereotypes. In real life, people with mental illnesses are actually way more likely to be victims of violence than to act violently themselves. That's not the case in anime.