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Are Mermaids Real? These Photos Seem To Suggest They Are

Most people can think of at least one famous fictional mermaid under the sea, but that doesn't provide solid proof of mermaids or their existence in the world. Like many extraordinary things, evidence is needed. Photographers have supposedly captured snapshots of oddities like vampires, werewolves, and time travelers, but where are all the mermaids? Are the legends of half-women, half-fish really true, and has anyone taken photos of mermaids in the wild?

So-called mermaid proof has appeared across the globe and throughout history. While today's mermaids are thought of as seductive, most mermaid tales told by sailors paint them as horrible creatures that would drag men to their watery grave – consider the bloodthirsty sirens of Greek mythology. Christopher Columbus reported seeing mermaids while sailing the ocean, although historians believe he likely saw manatees. Still, accounts of spotting real mermaids still crop up today.

Do any real mermaid pictures exist? Possibly – but you'll have to decide for yourself if you believe mermaids really are part of your world.