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Fans Are Sharing Obscure 'Lord of the Rings' Lore About Merry And Pippin

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Merry and Pippin go on quite a journey of self-discovery during their quest to destroy the Ring. A lot of what happened to them after returning to the Shire and how their connections to Rohan and Gondor are teased early go unnoticed by casual readers. These Redditors are pointing a number of obscure lore details out about the two best friends of the Fellowship.

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    They Return To Rohan And Gondor Before Their Deaths And Are Buried Next To Aragorn

    From Redditor u/MikeOfThePalace:

    After raising big families and serving long tenures in their posts, and after Sam goes over the Sea, word comes to the Shire that Eomer is dying, and wishes to see Merry one last time. Pippin and Merry decide to retire; they hand off their offices to their sons, and leave to Rohan and are with Eomer when he dies. They then go to Minas Tirith, and remain there until their deaths. They are interred with honor, and after Aragorn dies they are laid to rest next to him in his tomb.

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    They Both Followed In Their Fathers' Footsteps

    From Redditor u/MikeOfThePalace:

    Merry succeeds his father as Master of Buckland (a semi-independent region of the Shire), and Pippin succeeds his father as Thain of the Shire (commander of the Hobbit militia, basically). Sam becomes Mayor, and the three of them basically constitute the entirety of the Shire's government. 

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    Despite Returning To The Shire, Merry Is Still A Knight Of Rohan And Pippin A Member Of The Tower Guard

    From Redditor u/MikeOfThePalace:

    Aragorn does not release Pippin from his service as a member of the Tower Guard, and Merry remains a Knight of Rohan. They're both on a kind of extended leave.

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    Aragorn Made Them Counsellors Of Andor

    From Redditor u/MikeOfThePalace:

    Aragorn makes them his counsellors in the restored realm of Arnor, and they periodically visit Gondor and Rohan.