This Artist Creates 3D Drawings That You Cannot Look Away From

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Nikola Čuljić makes mind-blowing pieces of art that look 3D but are actually completely flat. The Serbian graphic designer and illustrator is more like a modern magician than a painter, and everything he knows is self-taught. Čuljić knew he was somewhat talented and that he wanted to make art unlike anyone else's, so he grabbed his supplies and got to work.

The artist didn't even care that his small village, Velika Drenova, wasn't really known for producing legendary artists. He aspired to create, anyway. To set himself apart, Čuljić tried his hand at 3D work and proved to be quite exceptional. People can hardly tell his drawings are composed of colored pencils, pastels, and markers as opposed to being actual three-dimensional objects. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see Čuljić's stunning optical illusions.