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Classic '90s Kids Movies You Forgot Are Actually Super Messed Up

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Kids from the '90s love to remember the fun movies of their childhood, but looking back on them with an adult perspective almost inevitably reveals some unspeakably dumb stuff. Although these kids' movies from the '90s will likely always have a place in the hearts of millions of Millennials, the truth is that most have aged like a lukewarm wad of Gak. Many of these so-called classics are actually twisted, dark, and messed up kids' movies

From criminally irresponsible adults to kids who regularly put themselves in mortal danger, sometimes these "classics" are secretly just nightmarish realities from which these characters may never recover. As a species, we're predisposed to view things from our childhood with rose-colored glasses. But now it's time to dig out your old VHS tapes and take a hard look at these unsettling '90s kids' movies with fresh eyes.