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The 16 Most Screwed Up Sibling Relationships In Anime

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There are a lot of anime siblings with screwed up relationships out there. Some of these horrible anime brothers and sisters are trying to kill each other, some are trying to screw each other, and others come from horrendously dysfunctional anime families with terrible parents who make it pretty much impossible for their kids to get along. You'll find weird anime sibling relationships in everything from action hits Naruto and Kill la Kill to emotionally driven shows like Yuri!!! on Ice and March Comes In Like A Lion. Some of these messed up anime siblings could seriously use some family therapy.

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    Touka & Ayato Kirishima From 'Tokyo Ghoul'

    Touka & Ayato Kirishima From 'Tokyo Ghoul'
    Photo: Pierrot

    Before their parents died, Touka and Ayato were an inseparable team whose goal was to hunt and kill humans. This sounds horrifying until you realize that they are ghouls, non-human creatures who cannot survive without eating human flesh. That's not the screwed up part — it's just the premise of the series. The Kirishima sibling's relationship falls apart when it becomes clear that they have very different views on humans.

    Touka wants to live peacefully with them as much as possible, which is what draws her to Anteiku, a coffee shop run by ghouls that protects its employees and gathers food for those who can't get it themselves. Meanwhile, Ayato finds her desires to be weak and pathetic, and the two end up on opposite sides of a ghoul-led civil war. When you're actively trying to kill your sibling and their friends, it's pretty much a top-tier bad relationship.

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    The Nase Siblings In 'Kyoukai No Kanata'

    The Nase Siblings In 'Kyoukai No Kanata'
    Photo: Kyoto Animation

    Incest automatically makes sibling relationship wildly uncomfortable. Yes, even if it's played "as a joke" and it doesn't get physical, as is the case with Hiroomi and Mitsuki Nase from Kyoukai no Kanata. Hiroomi is sexually obsessed with his younger sister, and isn't afraid to tell her so. Every time she calls him onii-chan, a totally normal and nonsexual thing for a Japanese girl to call her older brother, he blushes or gets a nosebleed. In anime, nosebleeds are symbolic for erections, you see. For some reason, the series decides to treat this like it's on the same level as another character's predilection for girls in glasses. It's not, guys. Not even close.

    Shockingly, Hiroomi's sister complex isn't the worst thing about the Nase siblings. The oldest sister, Izumi, ends up being controlled by a parasite and attacking her siblings, who have to fight her off. Once you introduce attempted murder into an incestuous sibling relationship, there's just no saving it.

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    Kyouko Kouda & Rei Kiriyama From 'March Comes In Like A Lion'

    Kyouko Kouda & Rei Kiriyama From 'March Comes In Like A Lion'
    Photo: Shaft

    Rei Kiriyama was adopted by Kyouko's father, Mr. Kouda, after his own parents died. Because of his prodigious talent at shogi, which Mr. Kouda valued over everything else, Rei quickly supplanted Kyouko and her brother Ayumu in his heart. Ayumu responded to his father's rejection by becoming depressed and withdrawn, while Kyouko became increasingly vindictive toward Rei.

    After Rei leaves the house in an attempt to escape the hostile environment his presence created, Kyouko continues to belittle and insult him whenever she can. Viewers may sympathize with Kyouko. After all, it can't be easy to have your father suddenly start ignoring you in favor of another child. Still, no motive on Kyouko's part can excuse the way she blatantly emotionally abuses Rei.

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    Michele & Sara Crispino From 'Yuri!!! on ICE'

    Michele & Sara Crispino From 'Yuri!!! on ICE'
    Photo: MAPPA

    The Crispino twins are competitive ice skaters from Italy. Because they've dedicated their entire childhoods to their sport, they haven't had the opportunity to form developmentally appropriate social bonds outside the family unit. This results in some really weird sibling dynamics between the pair. Sara wants to socialize, make friends, and date. Meanwhile, her brother Michele is overbearingly protective of Sara, screaming at any man who gets within a 10-foot radius to stay away from his sister. Not only that, but he wants to be the only man she loves, and is so dependent on her that he has trouble doing his job without her presence. 

    Sara seems to love her brother, but she's also aware of how unhealthy their relationship is. In one episode, she confronts him about it, and he promises to change. Predictably, this lasts for about one episode. Michele is still totally likely to punch fellow skater Emil Nekola in the face the next time he flirts with Sara.

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