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The Most Messed Up Excerpts From 'Go Ask Alice'

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Go Ask Alice, a 1971 novel purported to be the diary of an anonymous teenage girl, offers an insight into the life of a young addict in the late 1960s and early ‘70s. While the book was later proven to be a work of fiction, the story is no less harrowing. Despite being a YA novel, Go Ask Alice is an extremely unsettling piece of literature; lengthy passages in the book detail intense trips and horrific acts.

These quotes and passages from Go Ask Alice show why the book is so controversial. It’s clear why readers are still fascinated with it to this day, and the fact that the tale was marketed as a true story makes the following excerpts even more shocking.

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    A Group Of Girls Face A Nightmare

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    When the anonymous main character is given smack for the first time, she gets high with one of her friends and two older men. Things quickly take a turn for the worse.

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    Babbie Gets Hooked Early

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    When the narrator makes friends with a 13-year-old user in the rehabilitation center, the girl explains how she was introduced to substances by a 32-year-old man in a movie theater.

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    The Main Character Is Found Mid-Trip

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    While checking in on a neighbor's baby, the main character is accidentally dosed by laced chocolate. When another neighbor and a gardener find the girl, she's completely freaking out and harming herself.

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    The Main Character Comes Down, And It Isn't Pretty

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    While in the psychiatric facility, the anonymous main character describes her come down from an unintentional trip in multiple diary entries that take place over several days. In this passage, she outlines in detail the effect the imagined worms and maggots have on her body.

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