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The Most Messed-Up Moments From 'Invincible'

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Robert Kirkman is well-known for creating The Walking Dead (TWD), but he's also the man behind Invincible, which makes TWD appear peaceful in comparison. The world of Invincible is one filled with mayhem, mortality, and destruction on a planetary scale. If the main characters aren't tearing apart their enemies, you can rest assured they're having their own guts pulled out and put on display.

From the very first issue, characters are being shredded to pieces, and most of the more pivotal moments in Invincible are far more vicious than your average comic book. In some ways, it's like a Superman book, but only after you cross it with Lobo, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and a guidebook on the best ways to beat the life out of someone.

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    The Viltrumites Devastate An Entire Planet In Minutes

    When Omni-Man left Earth, he relocated to a planet populated with sentient insects, and while he was there, he remarried and fathered a child. That child would grow up to become Oliver, and due to the physiology of his mother, he matured at an alarmingly fast rate. The planet was nearly taken out by Viltrumite agents on the hunt for Nolan and his son.

    The conflict between Mark, Nolan, and the Viltrumites was terrible, but as soon as it was over, they found that the Viltrumites had managed to completely wipe out the civilization they were trying to protect. It took no time at all, yet led to a great deal of misery. Eventually, society got rebuilt and Mark healed from his fight, but the wounds delivered on that day resonated for generations.

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    Omni-Man Slays His Entire Super Team

    When we first met Omni-Man, he was the Superman of his world, and he told the tale of how he was a representative of the Viltrumites who was checking out Earth. It turned out he wasn't there for any benevolent reason, and the Viltrumites were all evil OP monsters, all of whom could probably beat the snot out of Superman.

    In issue #7, Omni-Man shows his true colors by offing every member of the Guardians of the Globe. He takes most of them out before they realize what's going on, but The Immortal stands long enough to see what's happening, and when he comes back several issues later, he's rather displeased with his former teammate.

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    Conquest Puts His Hand Through Atom Eve

    Conquest wasn't slain in his head-butting incident with Mark, and like most Viltrumites, he returned stronger and angrier than ever before. When he confronted Mark, he also found himself fighting his allies, but that's hardly a concern for Conquest. When Eve attempted to work her particular form of superheroism against the dangerous Viltrumite, he casually put his hand through her abdomen.

    This was definitely a finishing blow, and while it would have ended a normal human, Eve's powers went into overdrive. She essentially reformed her entire body, repairing the damage, making her more powerful than she was before. Still, it was a devastating blow, which served to hurt Mark emotionally as much as it pained Eve physically.

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    Oliver Gets Ripped In Half, Ending Him

    Because of his fast metabolism derived from his mother's DNA, Oliver grew to adulthood rather quickly, and he followed in his father and brother's footsteps to become a superhero. He evolved since his earlier childhood when he offed his enemies without remorse, and things were looking good for Mark's younger brother - that is, of course, until Thragg came calling.

    In a fight between Oliver and Thragg, any bets on Oliver would have been seen as foolhardy. Oliver stood no chance to the much-older pureblood Viltrumite, and when they met, Thragg ripped the young man in half, ending him. The loss of life was devastating to Mark and Nolan, and it was one of the goriest demises in the entire series.

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