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The Most Messed-Up Moments From 'Invincible'

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Robert Kirkman is well-known for creating The Walking Dead (TWD), but he's also the man behind Invincible, which makes TWD appear peaceful in comparison. The world of Invincible is one filled with mayhem, mortality, and destruction on a planetary scale. If the main characters aren't tearing apart their enemies, you can rest assured they're having their own guts pulled out and put on display.

From the very first issue, characters are being shredded to pieces, and most of the more pivotal moments in Invincible are far more vicious than your average comic book. In some ways, it's like a Superman book, but only after you cross it with Lobo, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and a guidebook on the best ways to beat the life out of someone.

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    Omni-Man Beats His Son To A Bloody Pulp

    When Mark confronts his father, Omni-Man, after the truth comes out about him and the Viltrumites, their discussion quickly devolves into a fight. Mark is strong, but he's nowhere nearly as strong, experienced, or powerful as his old man, and that's made perfectly clear with the first punch. To his credit, Mark doesn't fall right away, and he puts up a huge fight, but that's also what makes this clash so damaging.

    During their conflict, they razed numerous buildings and slayed thousands of people. This was a conflict between giants, and the people suffered for their antics. Mark got the snot beat out of him, his father left Earth in shame, and cemeteries were filled to capacity after their clash, which went a long way in shaping how Mark developed as a superhero.

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    Robot Rips Off Atom Eve's Leg

    Initially, Robot was a superhero who fought alongside Atom Eve, Invincible, and many others, but his true nature was different than what was first shown. He was mentally controlling robot drones and was a deformed person living in a tank, but he managed to grow a new body based on Rex Splode, and he even took on the name "Rex" as well as Robot. He ended up being thrown into another dimension where time works differently, and while there, he spent the equivalent of a century learning, growing, and changing.

    Unfortunately, his experiences turned him into a maniac who would stop at nothing to attain control. He was also a genius capable of planning hundreds of moves ahead of his opponents, and in this chilling scene, he demonstrated exactly what he was willing to do to get Mark to leave him alone. He ripped off Eve's leg, which nearly ended the pregnant woman. Previously, she used her powers to rebuild her body, but she couldn't this time due to the dangers posed to the baby, so this was particularly horrific.

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    Mark Gets Screwed Out Of His Daughter's Childhood

    Issues #124-126 offered a sort of reboot to the Invincible timeline as Mark was able to go back in time and make certain changes in his past. Ultimately, he came out of this to return to the normal timeline, but things didn't go exactly as he planned. When he emerged, none of his support was where they should have been, so he flew home to meet up with his wife and daughter, Terra.

    When he arrived, he shocked Eve, who wasn't expecting him. He had been gone for five years and missed his daughter's childhood. When Terra walked into the room to find her father, she had to ask who he was. It was heartbreaking for Mark (as well as the readers) to see that his trials and tribulations through time cost him his own daughter's childhood.

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    Rex Throws Monster Girl Into Space

    Rex (formerly Robot) and Monster Girl (Amanda) may have started out as teammates, but Rex was in love with her from the beginning, and he orchestrated his cloning and age in an attempt to get closer to her. They were both cast into another dimension where time worked differently. They spent years together and, while they were there, Rex changed and became a villain.

    When they returned, Rex showed the world just what he was capable of doing, but what he did in issue #112 seemed like an impossibility for most of his time in the Invincible universe. He has Monster Girl thrown out of an airlock and into the vacuum of space. He does this via his drones right after telling her he loves her, making this one of the most messed-up things to happen in the entire series.

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