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Kids From Classic Movies And TV Shows Who Will Be Forever Scarred By Their Adventures

Movies for kids almost always end with a happy ending. This isn’t a huge surprise as most people don’t want to see children end up in horrible situations that conclude in a tragic way, even if they are fictional characters. There are obvious exceptions, however, where there are kids from movies who would have messed up lives. After all, no one would be able to come through the likes of The Shining and grow up to be a well-adjusted member of society.

It isn’t just the characters who have gone through horrible events that are likely to have awful adult lives though. There are plenty of fictional children who have seemingly wonderful escapades with what appear to be happy endings who might not go on to live normal lives. These movie kids who will never be okay after their adventures are over might end up that way for all sorts of reasons. Maybe their exploits were just too amazing, making the rest of their lives feel mundane, or perhaps there were unforeseen consequences to some of the action that took place in the films.

Whatever the case, these sad epilogues implied by kids' movies will undoubtedly leave the characters with a lifetime of problems that you might never have imagined.

  • Boo From 'Monsters Inc.'

    Photo: Pixar

    Boo is the cute little girl from Monsters Inc. who accidently stumbles into the world of Sully and Mike. Although no harm comes to her during the course of her time in the other world that humans have no idea about, she is still likely to grow up somewhat traumatized. It’s not even directly a result of her adventure, as she is young enough to not be totally aware of what happened to her.

    Instead, it is the implication from the fact that she was missing for several days and then just suddenly reappeared in her home. Her parents and family would have no idea where she went or how she got back. This would not only freak them out but probably lead them to never letting Boo out of their sight again for fear of losing her in the same way. Growing up under that much supervision would be enough to mess anyone up.

  • Hogarth Hughes From 'The Iron Giant'

    When Hogarth Hughes comes across the Iron Giant following his crashing landing on earth, it sets off a chain of events that ultimately see the huge robot sacrificing himself to save the local townspeople from total destruction. While the upbeat ending suggests that the giant survives and could return to his child friend, there is a much more sinister implication to consider.

    It is clear that the Iron Giant is effectively a huge war machine, with weaponry capable of wiping out entire planets. Deleted scenes from the film show him alongside an army of other robots destroying a planet. If the machine was sent to earth to scout or to attack, then it is unlikely to be the only robot to come to the planet. More will likely follow and these might not forget their purpose on the way. That doesn’t exactly bode well for Hogarth and the rest of humanity.

  • Photo: Paramount

    The one thing that everyone forgets about Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is that the ending was not quite a joyous occasion that it was made out to be. While Charlie does get to become heir to Wonka, the confectionary genius hasn't exactly set a great example for him. Meanwhile, the rest of the children didn’t get the reward they were counting on. Instead, they were abused by Wonka, with the kids almost being drowned, blown up, and dropped into garbage chutes. Not only that, but they will have to live the rest of their lives knowing that the person who subjected them to such horrors is hailed as a hero and prodigy by most of the world.

  • Photo: Pixar

    Sid doesn’t exactly have the best time in Toy Story until he changes his ways at the end of the movie. He is briefly seen in the last sequel, having seemingly turned his life around. However, things may not be exactly as they seem. Sid is the only person in the world who knows that the toys are alive. Not only that, but they actually scared him to such a degree that the mere sight of his sister’s doll was enough to petrify him. With no one likely to believe that his toys had taken revenge on him, Sid would be left doubting his own history and would likely need plenty of therapy to get over the events in later years.