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People Are Sharing Messed Up Details In Otherwise Innocent Movies And It Is A Bit Shocking

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Shocking moments in horror pics are no big deal. They're part of the charm. When you get a ticket for a horror film or a thriller, you expect to be shocked by the content on the big screen. But every now and then, there are small details and moments in family-friendly pics that can be just as shocking and somewhat dark.

Over on Reddit, people are discussing dark details and messed-up moments in otherwise innocent films that are borderline traumatizing. Vote up the most shocking revelations from favorite family films.

  • Posted by Redditor u/Aardvarkm:

    The Parent Trap: What kind of f**ked up divorce settlement was that?

    "We're breaking up? I guess we'll just each take a twin and never tell them about each other."

    Great parenting, folks.

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  • Posted by Redditor u/INSERT_VALUE_Nerd:

    In the first Shrek, the three bears are captured like Donkey, but when they find refuge at Shrek's swamp, the mama bear isn't there and the baby bear is crying.

    If you revisit the scene with Farquaad looking at the picture of Fiona in his bed, you can see a bear rug on the ground with the same bow the mama bear was wearing. They turned her into a carpet!

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  • Posted by Redditor u/CallHimIshmael:

    How everyone treated Kevin at the beginning of Home Alone. I know the point was he was a self-centered child who thought everyone should cater to him, but goddam. 

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  • Posted by Redditor u/ThatKidWithTheHat:

    There's a scene in Bambi II where Bambi hears his mom's voice calling out, "Helloooo, I'm heeeeereee, where are you?"

    He follows it out into an open field where he gets ambushed by hunting dogs. The voice was a deer call. The build up is really unsettling.

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