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17 Times PETA Has Been Criticized For Unethical Behavior

PETA stands for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals"... or so they say. Historically, however, many of their ads and campaigns show more controversially bad things about PETA than good. While they may try to fight for animal rights, and they sometimes succeed, the way they do it, and how they spend their time and money often just emboldens why PETA sucks at their mission. They're well known, sure, but not for the good they do. More often, it's for PR nightmares, skewed ethical decisions, and more wasted finances than you would believe.

If you're wondering if there are any legitimate reasons why you shouldn't support PETA, this list only brushes the surface. From encouraging Ben and Jerry's to use human breast milk to pretending to grill a naked woman at a BBQ festival, this organization is baffling. Not to mention, these guys kill a whole lot more animals than most shelters do! 

This may seem like it's being pretty hard on a group that really does aggressively fight for animal rights, but there are just too many reasons PETA is actually bad to overlook. Perhaps support your local no-kill shelter or wildlife rescue hospital instead?