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The Most Messed Up Moments In The Comic Book Version Of ‘The Boys’

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As messed up as the television show can be at times, the darkest scene from The Boys holds no candle to the disturbing sights seen in comic book series. Homelander, Butcher, and the rest of the characters get up to some truly heinous acts that make The Boys comics disturbing even for readers with the stiffest spines. Suffice it to say, The Boys isn't a comic book for children.

Do you want to see a superhero with a hamster-sized secret living in their body? The Boys has you covered. Perhaps you're looking for monkeys that enjoy copulating with ears? The Boys is here for you. In the mood to see a pizza topped with a dude's face? Hey, The Boys has a lockdown on that department as well. It goes without saying, be prepared for some NSFW content below with this rundown of the most messed up moments in the comic book version of The Boys

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    Blarney Cock Has A Pet Hamster That Lived Inside Him

    In The Boys comic series, Hughie and his crew target a group of heroes called the Teenage Kix before working their way up to the Seven. When they slay the Teenage Kix member Blarney Cock, they discover the hero has a pet hamster that he kept inside him. Not in a "weird super power" way either.

    Indeed, you read that correctly. And after Hughie accidentally eliminates Blarney Cock in The Boys #6, he takes the hamster home to take care of it. It's a testament to Hughie's pure soul, but even still, there are some things that are hard to forget.

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    Vought-American Tried To Rebrand Starlight With A Less-Than-Wholesome Image

    After getting her suit cut into a more sultry shape - a change that is mirrored in the first season of the Amazon Studios television show - Starlight is almost forced into yet another costume change that is much, much more revealing.

    In The Boys #32, the marketing geniuses at Vought-American decide to come up with a backstory about Starlight surviving a sexual assault which makes her "go all sort of dark and, and... you know. Sexual." Starlight takes severe offense to this and refuses to go along with it.

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    Kessler (AKA Monkey) Gets His Nickname After A Run-In With Two Green Primates

    Kessler is a CIA analyst who is reluctantly allied with the Boys on many occasions. Butcher, being the loving guy that he is, has a nickname for the government man: Monkey. How did he get that name?

    Well, in The Boys #56, we get an origin story that would make most people regret asking that question. At some point in the past, Kessler had both of his ears penetrated by a pair of small, green monkeys. In general, Kessler is a messed up corner of The Boys world. He has a fetish for paraplegic women, which comes up a little too often in the series.

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    Tek Knight Has A Fist-Sized Tumor That Gives Him An Insatiable Sex Drive

    If you ever wanted to see a running joke about a superhero who can't stop himself from penetrating anything from fruit to a coffee cup, The Boys certainly has you covered. Seriously, there is a multiple-issue arc about the hero Tek Knight not being able to keep it in his pants.

    He even tries to get it on with his butler's ear during The Boys #8 which, understandably, causes the man to quit. The butler then goes on to sell the hero's dirty secret to a tabloid for a small fortune.

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