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The Most Messed Up Moments In The Comic Book Version Of ‘The Boys’

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As messed up as the television show can be at times, the darkest scene from The Boys holds no candle to the disturbing sights seen in comic book series. Homelander, Butcher, and the rest of the characters get up to some truly heinous acts that make The Boys comics disturbing even for readers with the stiffest spines. Suffice it to say, The Boys isn't a comic book for children.

Do you want to see a superhero with a hamster-sized secret living in their body? The Boys has you covered. Perhaps you're looking for monkeys that enjoy copulating with ears? The Boys is here for you. In the mood to see a pizza topped with a dude's face? Hey, The Boys has a lockdown on that department as well. It goes without saying, be prepared for some NSFW content below with this rundown of the most messed up moments in the comic book version of The Boys

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    Homelander, A-Train, And Black Noir Assault Starlight To Welcome Her To 'The Seven'

    If the scene of The Deep coercing Starlight into an abhorrent sexual favor during the first season of Amazon Studios' The Boys got you angry, then you need to strap in, because they toned it down from the comic book.

    In The Boys #3, Homelander, A-Train, and Black Noir approach Starlight during her first day on the job with a pants-less proposition. When Starlight understandably freaks out and exclaims, "Oh God. You're going to force yourselves on me," a smiling Homelander grossly explains, "Christ, no. Nobody's forcing anyone to do anything. No, it's all a question of how badly you want to join The Seven." It's a scene that makes skin crawl and sets the tone for the rest of the series.

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    Butcher's Wife Perished When Her Superpowered Offspring Killed Her From Inside Her Womb

    In another change from the Amazon show, Butcher's wife is actually deceased in the comic books. Which wouldn't be that much of a shocker - dead wives are a far-too-common trope in all facets of media, after all - if not for the way that she passed.

    It turns out that Butcher's wife was assaulted by Seven-member Black Noir, which ended up with her getting pregnant. This "super-fetus," as Butcher labels it in The Boys #6, ended up killing her from the inside out before she was able to deliver it. If that wasn't twisted and tragic enough, after the fetus crawled its way out of his wife, Butcher beat it to death with a lampstand.

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    The Seven Bailed On A Mid-Air Hostage Situation After Wiping Out Most Of The Passengers

    Just when you think The Seven are gonna get around to doing some actual, you know, superhero work, they end up screwing absolutely everything up. You see, the superheroes of The Boys are not like the superheroes of Marvel or DC: they don't train, they don't much care about anyone but themselves, and they are extremely cocky.

    So, in The Boys #21, when they are tasked with saving a plane full of civilians from hijackers, they end up accidentally taking out everyone on board. It is a gruesome sight watching this group of superheroes blunder their way through the situation, accidentally slaying civilian after civilian before bailing on the pilot-less plane.

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    Vought-American Tried To Rebrand Starlight With A Less-Than-Wholesome Image

    After getting her suit cut into a more sultry shape - a change that is mirrored in the first season of the Amazon Studios television show - Starlight is almost forced into yet another costume change that is much, much more revealing.

    In The Boys #32, the marketing geniuses at Vought-American decide to come up with a backstory about Starlight surviving a sexual assault which makes her "go all sort of dark and, and... you know. Sexual." Starlight takes severe offense to this and refuses to go along with it.

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