The Most Messed Up Moments In The Comic Book Version Of ‘The Boys’

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As messed up as the television show can be at times, the darkest scene from The Boys holds no candle to the disturbing sights seen in comic book series. Homelander, Butcher, and the rest of the characters get up to some truly heinous acts that make The Boys comics disturbing even for readers with the stiffest spines. Suffice it to say, The Boys isn't a comic book for children.

Do you want to see a superhero with a hamster-sized secret living in their body? The Boys has you covered. Perhaps you're looking for monkeys that enjoy copulating with ears? The Boys is here for you. In the mood to see a pizza topped with a dude's face? Hey, The Boys has a lockdown on that department as well. It goes without saying, be prepared for some NSFW content below with this rundown of the most messed up moments in the comic book version of The Boys