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The Most Messed Up Things People Have Done in Minecraft

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Minecraft is awesome, but it can also be pretty dystopian. The nearly limitless creativity means that plenty of amazing things are done and created on a regular basis. It also means plenty of very annoying people doing very annoying things. Depending on your sense of humor (or lack thereof), these things can be pretty hilarious.

Some gamers tend to turn the world of Minecraft into something that more closely resembles Grand Theft Auto than an innocent sandbox game. From massacring villagers to building perverted monuments, there are a lot of messed up things from Minecraft. To be fair, even some of the most frustrating elements are wildly creative. 

If you've ever been on the receiving end of someone's irritating actions in Minecraft, then you may not think they're funny. And there is certainly no shortage of people being jerks in Minecraft. The key is to remember that it's just a game, albeit one with near limitless potential to be as messed up as you want - until you get booted from a server, at least.


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    A Guy Came Up with 50 Unique Ways to Kill Villagers

    Video: YouTube

    If you play enough Minecraft, you'll probably kill at least a few villagers, but coming up with 50 different death traps is bordering on serial killer territory.

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    The Murder Arena

    Video: YouTube

    This lovely contraption is a custom-built arena. But it's not an arena for playing concerts or sports. It's a murder arena, specifically designed to pit villagers against zombies and watch them fight to the death. Everybody loves a good ol' murder brawl.

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    The World's Most Dangerous Game

    Video: YouTube

    Ever wondered how to build a human trap? This video will you ten different ways to catch and murder innocent people!

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    A Very Literal Person Made a Very Literal Assh*le

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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