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Small Meta Details That Call Out The Runtime Of The Movie

September 10, 2021 89 votes 13 voters16 items

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If an audience member is wondering how long is left of a film they are currently watching, they sometimes don't have to look anywhere beyond the screen right in front of them for the answer. Redditors are now pointing out these runtime details that break the fourth wall in a subtly meta way. 

While some of these meta details in movies are mainly about the runtime being called out, other details call out time in different aspects of the movie. Nevertheless, all of these details are enough to have the viewer re-watching the movies in question to witness the Easter eggs for themselves. 

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    Half-Time In 'Hercules'

    From Redditor u/EveFluff:

    In Hercules (1997), Hades says, "Guys, relax. It's only half-time," exactly at the 46-minute mark, the halfway point of the 92-minute movie.

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    And Wrap It Up Jerry Did In 'Fargo'

    From Redditor u/MisterT12:

    In Fargo (1996), Carl says, “30 minutes, Jerry, we wrap this thing up,” when there are exactly 30 minutes of the movie remaining.

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    Exactly Five Minutes Later In 'Spaceballs'

    From Redditor u/bjkman:

    At the 30-minute mark of Mel Brooks's Spaceballs (1987), After Spaceball 1 leaves ludicrous speed, Dark Helmet tells the crew to take a 5-minute break. Dark Helmet and crew aren't seen again until the 35-minute mark. Five minutes later.

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    The Tail End Of The Party In 'The Mask'

    From Redditor u/arctan323:

    The Mask (1994) - Dorian says, "This party's over in 10 minutes," and starts the bomb's timer. 10 minutes later, the movie ends and the credits roll.

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