Companies List of Metal Ore Mining Companies

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List of the top metal ore mining companies in the world, listed by their prominence with corporate logos when available. This list of major metal ore mining companies includes the largest and most profitable metal ore mining businesses, corporations, agencies, vendors and firms in the world. If you are wondering what the biggest metal ore mining companies are, then this list has you covered. This list includes the most famous metal ore mining companies in the industry, so if you're thinking of working in the metal ore mining industry you might want to look to these companies for jobs. This list includes names of both small and big metal ore mining businesses.

The list you're viewing is made up of many different companies, including Freeport-McMoRan and Cleveland-Cliffs Inc..

This list answers the questions, "What are the biggest metal ore mining companies in the world?" and "What are the most successful metal ore mining companies?"

Mining, Metal Ore Mining Cliffs Natural Resources, formerly Cleveland-Cliffs, is a Cleveland, Ohio, business firm that specializes in the mining and beneficiation of iron ore and the mining of coal. The firm is an ...more

Mining, Metal Ore Mining, Copper Mining Freeport-McMoRan Inc., often called simply Freeport, is one of the world's largest producers of copper and gold. Its headquarters are located in the Freeport-McMoRan Center in downtown Phoenix, ...more

Golden Eagle International Metal Ore Mining Golden Eagle International, Inc. (Golden Eagle) is engaged in contract gold milling operations in the state of Nevada in the United States.

Mines Management, Inc. Metal Ore Mining, Silver Ore Mining

Southern Peru Copper Corporation Mining, Metal Ore Mining, Copper Mining Southern Copper Corporation is a mining company originally founded in 1952. The current incarnation Southern Copper can be traced to the 2005 acquisition of Mexican copper producer Minera ...more

Sterling Mining Metal Ore Mining, Silver Ore Mining Sterling Mining Company is a silver exploration company.

U.S. Energy Corp. Metal Ore Mining

Uranium Resources, Inc. Metal Ore Mining Uranium Resources, Inc. is a company focuses on exploring, developing and mining uranium properties. The company owns uranium properties in South Texas, where they have two licensed ISR ...more