The Best Metal Songs About Addiction

These metal songs about addiction deal with all manner of substance abuse – from alcohol and pills to heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine addictions. They are a powerful look into the minds of those who are in the throes of addiction. Some addicts ask for help. Others seem to have given up, even though they know their addiction will kill them.

The list of musicians who have dealt with substance abuse problems is a long one, and several metal artists have struggled over the years with drug demons. Not surprisingly, many of the songs on this list of heavy metal songs about drug addiction were written by bands with first-hand experience with the issue. Brent Smith of Shinedown openly talks now about his years of battles with alcohol and drugs. He’s in recovery now, and when he sings Shinedown’s “Save Me” you know he’s lived every single word of it.

Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy wrote the Twelve-step Suite, and one of the five songs is featured on each of DT’s albums. Portnoy's song “The Glass Prison” is listed here as an addiction metal song. The musician has said he’d abused alcohol and substances for decades before finally getting clean in 2000.

The stories go on and on. But now it's time to let these talented musicians’ music speak for itself. Watch the videos, enjoy the songs, and then vote for your favorites among these heavy metal songs about addiction.

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